Official EarthLords Network changes!


Systems Manager
HQ Admin
I have some great news regarding our community!

At this point, I'm still working on the renewed factions, it's a ton of work getting everything together perfectly. For the time being, I'll start a SMP Server on the latest patch for your enjoyment sometime around the 1st of October. When the upload is done, I'll post a thread here containing the IP.

EarthLords Network will now no longer focus on Minecraft alone, so we're gathering ideas on what games to play with the community next. Hosted servers or not, we'd like to bring up great community events or even prizes for you guys to win!

Something else I'd like to point out, is that we're now partnered with another gaming community called AnarchicRPG, which focuses primarily on Grand Theft Auto V's Multiplayer modification called RageMP! The community is ran by Sidd, who will still help at both of the communities.

You can check out the community at
or by joining their Discord here;

That's all for now folks, a new announcement should be coming out pretty soon!

Stay tuned!