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These are the official rules of our forum site. When you are using our forum, you must abide by these rules at all times. Please note that this rule book can be added to, or edited at any given time. If you reach 5 warning points, your forums account will be temporarily banned. If you see a player breaking any rule listed below, you can report them.

Offence: Micro-Posting
1 Warning Point
Description: Creating threads or posting on multiple threads with only a few words. This is counted as spam and or to boost your post count.

Offence: Reposting
Punishment: 1 Warning Point
Description: Creating more than one thread with the same content. This applies if staff delete or lock threads for either the reason of a spam thread, a thread that causes drama (contains flame wars), or threads for post farming.

Offence: Post farming
: 1 Warning Point
Description: Post farming isn't allowed. Basically trying to look more popular.

Offence: Player / Staff Disrespect
Punishment: 3 Warning points
Description: Disrespecting Players in general is not acceptable.This certainly includes staff members - harassing them about their inability to fix/do something with the server or forums, or intentionally giving them trouble is not allowed. If you believe a staff is doing poor at their job, contact someone in the administration team with sufficient evidence.

Offence: Racist / Homophobic Terms
Punishment: 3 Warning points
Description: Using homophobic/racist discriminatory words in a way that is intended to harass or hurt players is also not tolerated.

Offence: Advertising
Punishment: Permanent Ban
Description: Posting links or addresses for other servers, discord, forums etc is not tolerated.

Offence: Like Boosting
Punishment: 1 Warning Point + All Likes Reset
Description: You are not allowed to boost your own or somebody else’s likes. This means liking every single post of yourself or somebody else’s to boost yours or their like count.

Offence: Alternate Accounts
Punishment: 3 warning points (On all accounts)
Description: Creating multiple accounts is not acceptable. This is due to the fact they can be used to boost yours or somebody else’s likes counter, or evade a ban. If you lost access to your account, either reset your password or contact an administration member.

Offence: Commenting on Ban Appeals/Player Reports
Punishment: 3 Warning Points
Description: Commenting on ban appeals or player reports is not acceptable unless you are providing useful and relevant information. If you are providing relevant information, keep it to that, any additional comments and your post will be deleted and evidence disregarded.

Offence: Inappropriate Names / Staff Impersonation
Punishment: 3 warning points + name removed
Description: Using a name very similar to a staff member and/or having an inappropriate name is not allowed. If you are willing to change your name, but aren't able to do so, please inform a staff member and it will be changed. If you aren't willing to change your name, it will be forcefully changed and your forums account will be temporarily banned.

Offence: Inappropriate Avatars / Content
Punishment: Picture Changed
Description:Having an inappropriate profile picture is not allowed in any way. We also do not allow references or links to pornographic or otherwise mature material/content.

Offence: Spamming on Profiles / Conversations
Punishment: 1 Warning Point
Description: Creating multiple posts with the same or random content on anyone's profile is not allowed. Same counts for spamming a member in conversations.
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